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When we got home, I grabbed his crotch while we were making out and was truly shocked by the dick I found. Caroline ray in i have a wife. I have SEEN a fairly wide variety of dicks, including a fair few bigger than mine as someone with a B-student penis , but I have never seen a dick this big. Big nuts tumblr. The word itself is a refrence to "it doesn't bode well" ie.

The term originates from one Tumblr user's post involving a dream in which a meme involving the word "BODE" plastered upon pictures zoomed into fat cats became commonplace, and thereafter, the community's efforts to replicate that as a real meme to the point where it did become relatively commonplace as such.

Meme lingo for bodacious. My first boyfriend had a real big dong. Hot bbw pornstars. I figure, at best, he's nine inches and just exaggerating. Reblogged 16 hours ago from cdiddyyy. Normal size, looked uncut Kevin Costner: Someone said it was slow on ONTD today. But I reaaally don't want to think about it. Its size is now sort of a legend in my mind, but I truly remember it as about the size of a Gillette [shaving cream] can.

It was as if it were my first time all over again.

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I want to know how big Gerry Butler is. Sexy ladies tumbler. Finally, he's like, "Lemme get dat ass. I think Ben posted it himself Russell Crowe: To be a particular indication of something that is about to happen. Page 1 of 2. Big nuts tumblr. A meme that refers to a tumblr user dreaming about a new meme that Bode meant bodacious.

View this photo on Instagram. Who Has the Biggest Cock in Hollywood? The first or second time we slept together, he must have noticed me staring, because right away he was like, "Yup, those are some huge balls, aren't they? Balls were of decent size. Ive seen 2, and flat out refused both. Watch my sex. August 31st, at 3: Share On link Share On link. Don't listen to him, Pickles, he's just jealous.

Tiny, "nicknamed him cashew" Matt Leblanc:

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It was as if it were my first time all over again. I confidently invited him over. Rather sad if you think about it. In 3 weeks, it garnered over retweets and likes. Someone said it was slow on ONTD today. Big nuts tumblr. I couldn't even get the head in. September 8th, at It was my first time seeing a dick that size outside of porn. Sucking huge dick tumblr. The 1st guy was the girth of a coke can and it was just ridiculous. A lot of the other dudes on this list are sluts and I doubt he really fuck around.

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