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The Milking Herd Ch. Big nuts tumblr. She turned round, her still-dripping breasts swinging towards me. Erotic stories milk. Adam needed no encouragement, his fingers moved over her dripping wet slit slowly as he pushed the panties aside.

One night, between feedings, she slipped her hand between her legs and began to rub herself. The woman who brought her food rubbed lanolin on them to help with the cracking. Small dick blog. It felt as if his throbbing cock was going to burst through the fabric that held it captive. Marie felt a twinge between her legs and moved her thighs together, feeling her pussy filling with juice as the boys continued to suck.

I tongued her clit again and she climaxed swiftly, her cries of ecstasy muffled by the mattress. Now they'd carried it off to a ridiculous extent. She had nice legs and a neat, large bust, dark brown hair and a wide smile, but I had only occasionally thought of her as a sex object at least, no more than any other woman.

I was just glad it was over. Short Stories Tagged With: I slowly moved my hand down his arm and walked away towards the kitchen feeling many eyes on me as I left the room as if I might be on the menu.

Only when I got to the last man, the man who had caught my eye earlier in the evening before drinking his glass of milk with infinite slowness did things change.

Milk is Life Ch.

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Instantly, I knew what I had to do. This was it, this was going to happen, I was feeling so turned on and confused I started to shake. Erotic stories milk. After an hour, Marie was soaking wet between her legs. Without moving my lips from her life sustaining teat I looked up into her eyes, which were fixated on me, her 16 year old daughter, and as we locked eyes I nodded.

After a minute of stirring, the milk had become a thick, almost shake-like drink. I returned quickly back the parlor room where everyone was still conversing and enjoying cocktails. Xossip desi girls. Sometime in the middle of the night my Mother would wake up in pain if her breast were still full from an unsuccessful milking the night before hand.

My eyes were sparkling blue with excitement that all the weeks of massaging had finally produced milk for my Master.

After a couple of exhausting weeks it occurred to me that I not on vacation. Over the next few months my Mother became more and more silent, hardly talking, hardly doing much of anything. By scionlad on August 2,

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Yes No Report abuse. Inside the front door, out of nowhere a young man appeared, and while taking their coats offered, "A hostess will be right with you, please step this way," as he led them to a small waiting room down the hall! I felt a sick day coming on. Still, it seemed too easy. Breathing heavy, she reached her hand up to my head and began to stroke my hair. Brendan stood up, leaning against the table tiredly as another harsh laugh left his mouth.

I stepped back and the night-gown fell to the floor, revealing her shapely ass and long legs. Erotic stories milk. She shook her head. My wife, now an expert in the blowjob, swallowed every drop of my copious cum without spilling a bit.

The book is brand new as published, and for the price it's worth it. Xnxx videos g. I stopped laughing and shyly asked if she knew what it tasted like. This used to turn me on slightly when you would suckle and to be honest I used to be touch myself while you or your Dad fed on me.

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